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Are You Feeling Stressed or Depressed?

We live in stressful times and it can be difficult to get the time we need to look after ourselves. Extreme stress can lead to depression if it is not managed.

At Clane Counselling, we can help you through this.  First it is important to understand stress and depression.


Understanding Stress

1. Stress is a closed internal personalised attitude to situations.

2. Unresolved conflicts.

3. Low self esteem (no self esteem).

4. Internalising everything.

5. Negative response to outside stimuli and the resulting internal response, ie. anxiety, fear, stomach ache, feeling sick, headaches, I’m no good, I’m always wrong, he doesn’t like me, I feel abused, used, they don’t want me at home.

6. Internal conflict with no health release path – or physical expression, (frustration) (repressed) ie. tightness at the neck, sweating, nervous pacing, can’t sleep.

7. Fear of failure – taking it personal, fear of being criticised, immobilised by imaginary slights.

8. Haste – it must be done here, only this way.

9. Expectations – wishing, all or nothing, win-lose, other people, expectations not matched by ability.


Signs and Symptoms of Stress Yes No
Smoking to Excess
Eating to Excess
Drinking to Excess
Erratic Sleep
Loss of Memory
Felling Resentment
Awakening with feelings of anxiety
Unable to Relax
Always taking work home
Moods changing easily
Over-reaction to minor situations
High blood pressure
Chest Pains
Stomach Pains
Skin Disorders