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Are You Having Relationship Difficulties?

How do your relationships with others affect your health?

Make a list of all the people with whom you have close and important relationships.  Now beginning with the top name on your list, answer the questions which follow.  Then repeat the questions for each other individual on your list.  The answers to your questions will help you understand your relationships with others a little better.

1. who is the stronger partner in your relationship?

2. do you tend to lean on him/her a great deal?

3. does he/she tend to lean on you a great deal?

4. do you tend to take him/her for granted a good deal?

5. does he/she tend to take you for granted?

6. can you always rely on him/her when you need help?

7. can he/she always rely on you when he/she needs help?

8. does he/she ever intimidate or frighten you?

9. do you think you ever intimidate or frighten him/her?

10. is he/she dependent on you for money?

11. are you dependent on him/her for money?

12. would you trust him/her with money or important possessions?

13. do you think that he/she would trust you with money or important possessions?

14. do like him/her?

15. do you love him/her?

16. do you think he/she likes you?

17. do you think he/she loves you?

18. what do you gain from your relationship?

19. what does he/she gain from your relationship?

20. do you always talk kindly about him/her when he/she is not present?

21. do you think he/she always talks kindly about you when you are absent?

22. what are his/her greatest ambitions?

23. what are his/her greatest fears?

24. what do you think is the most important thing in his/her life?

25. if your car broke down at 3 in the morning, would you be able to ring him/her and ask for help?

26. if his/her car broke down at 3 in the morning, would he/she be able to ring you and ask for help?

27. does he/she benefit financially from your relationship?

28. do you benefit financially from your relationship?

29. what annoys you most about him/her?

30. what do you think annoys him/her most about you?

There are no correct answers to these questions, but if you think about your answers carefully, you may find that you will learn something about your relationships with and your attitudes to other people.

Having healthy important relationships in your life is key to mental and physical well being.

If you have further questions or concerns about some of the important relationships in your life then call us now.  We offer a safe place to talk. We listen to you. We are here to help.