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Purpose in Your Life

Has your life got purpose?

To find out whether or not you need more purpose in your life, answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions.

1. do you ever feel that something is lacking in your life?

2. are you frequently bored?

3. do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

4. do you wish you had more responsibility?

5. do you sometimes think that you are wasting your life?

6. are you doing what you dreamt of doing when you were eighteen years old?

7. do you look forward to the future?

8. do you wish you were extended more often?

9. have you got any talent or skills which are not fully employed?

10. are you proud of your achievement?


Now check your score.

1. yes:  1 point;  no: 0 points

2. yes: 1 point; no:0 points

3. yes: 0 points; no: 1 point

4. yes: 1 point; no: 0 points

5. yes: 1 point; no: 0 points

6. yes: 0 points; no: 1 point

7. yes: 0 points; no: 1 point

8. yes: 1 point; no: 0 points

9. yes: 1 point; no 0 points

10. yes: 0 points; no: 1 point

If you scored 7 to 10 points, you definitely need more purpose in your life.  At the moment your failure to satisfy the simplest of your ambitions means that you’re frustrated and bored; both can be damaging and destructive forces which can produce physical and mental disorders.

If you scored 4-6 points, you are not so dangerously short of satisfaction, but are still at risk of disease and damage from boredom and frustration.  Your life needs purpose.

If you scored 3 or less, your life is rich in purpose and you seem likely to satisfy some if not all of your ambitions.  At least you will have tried.