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Sometimes problems occur in our lives and we cannot see a way through. When problems or feelings interfere with life, either individually, in relationships or at work, it’s advisable to seek help.

Counselling may be for you if you are feeling anxious, depressed, or unfulfilled in any sense and nothing seems to help. You may have tried to cope with your problems on your own but you find it hard to deal with. We will work with you to explore your experiences, feelings and issues and help you to make sense of what is happening for you. Counselling provides a place away from home for you to talk which is safe and friendly. This will help you to identify and make the changes you desire.

Counselling can help you develop the necessary coping skills and can provide you with a set of new strategies you can apply to make your problem manageable.

Clane Counselling & Hypnotherapy can help you focus on your needs and goals to make the necessary changes in your life with the support of a counsellor.



Hypnotherapy is a form of relaxation where the conscious mind is by-passed and the sub-conscious is brought forward. You can use the natural power of your sub-conscious mind to overcome any number of psychological problems. You can learn to rid your self of any unwanted habits, fears and phobias and enjoy a new confidence. You can learn to overcome stress and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is used successfully for Stoping Smoking (72% to 80%), Weight loss, Addictive Gambling, Overcoming Panic Attacks and all Substance Abuse. It is also used for Relaxation and Stress Relief, Relaxation, Fear and Anxiety problems, Psycho- sexual problems, Overweight, Confidence Building, Motivation, Improve Sporting Ability, Blushing and Nail Biting.

Our type of Hypnotherapy is modern, clinical and ethical in a natural holistic way to help heal you.

In a hypnotic trance, your concentration is intensely focused.

It is a state where you are in contact with both your conscious mind as well as your sub-conscious mind. It means that you are in better contact with your needs, values and inner core when you are in a trance. Therefore, you also have control over the situation, which means that someone cannot be hypnotized against their will to do something that is against their values, ethics or morals.




Our services are provided to couples separating or divorcing; employees with grievances; people engaged in commercial disputes and other matters where the parties are open to resolving the matter in a low-cost and timely manner as opposed to lengthily and costly litigation.

Family Mediation is a service to help couples who have decided to separate or divorce or who have already separated, to negotiate their own terms of agreement. It helps couples reach an agreement that they believe to be fair, equitable and workable. Discussions are confidential.

Family Mediation is a way for spouses who are separating to settle property, support, and parenting of children, without going to court.

Mediation encourages the people to co-operate with each other in working out mutually acceptable arrangements.


Life Coaching

We come into this world without a manual.  We learn to read and write in school but where do we learn the tools and techniques to get the most from our lives?

Each day there are many stresses and it can seem difficult to balance and to cope.

Life coaching helps put the building blocks in place to help you build and maintain a healthy balanced life style.


Business Coaching

Whether you are starting a new business or have been in business for some time it can be really helpful to get solid objective advice from a business coach.

Clane Counselling has been offering this service for many years.

We have helped many business people to manage their time, focus on the right priorities and helped with their decision making skills among many other things.


Personal Development

We help young and old alike to grow both professionally and personally.  It is never too late to start developing new skills.

Once again Clane Counselling helps bring an outside objective perspective to help you reach your goals and dreams.