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Self-Massage – Face, Head and Neck

This can help relieve obstinate muscle tensions or pain.  It cn also be done before loosening exercises or relaxation.  Think of it as ‘oiling’ the joints and muscles to ease them into movement and stimulate the blood supply.

Some of these techniques can be done with a partner.

Massage should be rhythmical and the pressure varied according to the individuals needs.

1. Shoulders

Place your hand of opposite shoulder, roll the back muscle up and forward

2. Neck

Place your thumbs along the edge of skull from ears towards spine; change to fingers and continue down spine; then push the back neck muscles up towards the head

3. Forehead

  • For ‘vertical wrinkles’ – start at the centre of the forehead, stroke rhythmically out and down to ears
  • For ‘horizontal wrinkles’ – stroke from eyebrows to hairline, each hand in turn

4. Eyes

‘Palming’ – close your eyes and place the palms of your hands – one over each eye socket. let your fingers cross over your forehead. The resulting darkness is very restful

5. Lips

With finger tips massage lips over teeth

6. For Sinus Pain

With finger tips over site of pain – gently

7. Scalp

‘Hair washing’ – move scalp over skull with finger tips