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Laughter in Your Life

Do you let enough laughter into your life? There are many reasons why it is good to laugh.  For example, laughing produces endorphins that boost your immune system.

To find out if you have enough laughter answer these questions with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

1. do you find it difficult to laugh at yourself?

2. do you get cross if you are in an important meeting and someone starts to tell a joke or a funny story?

3. would you be deeply offended if you did something silly and people laugh at you?

4. do you prefer watching serious documentaries to light comedy films?

5. do you think that your position or status means that you meed to behave in a serious manner when in public?

6. do you think cartoon books and comic magazines are a waste of time?

7. would you be embarrassed to laugh out loud in a hospital of church?

8. do you think that sex and humour should be kept apart?

9. do you think that practical jokes are invariably childish?

10. do you think people who laugh a lot are immature?


Now check your score.

If you answered ”yes’ to four or fewer questions, humour plays a sensible part in your life.

If you answered ‘yes’ to five or more questions, there is a probably too little laughter in your life.

Remember, laughter can offer protection as well as providing a healing force.