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Sometimes problems occur in our lives and we cannot see a way through. When problems or feelings interfere with life, either individually, in relationships or at work, it’s advisable to seek help.

Counselling may be for you if you are feeling anxious, depressed, or unfulfilled in any sense and nothing seems to help. You may have tried to cope with your problems on your own but you find it hard to deal with. We will work with you to explore your experiences, feelings and issues and help you to make sense of what is happening for you. Counselling provides a place away from home for you to talk which is safe and friendly. This will help you to identify and make the changes you desire.

Counselling can help you develop the necessary coping skills and can provide you with a set of new strategies you can apply to make your problem manageable.

Clane Counselling & Hypnotherapy can help you focus on your needs and goals to make the necessary changes in your life with the support of a counsellor.

Business Coaching

Whether you are starting a new business or have been in business for some time it can be really helpful to get solid objective advice from a business coach.

Clane Counselling has been offering this service for many years.

We have helped many business people to manage their time, focus on the right priorities and helped with their decision making skills among many other things.

Life Coaching

We come into this world without a manual.  We learn to read and write in school but where do we learn the tools and techniques to get the most from our lives?

Each day there are many stresses and it can seem difficult to balance and to cope.

Life coaching helps put the building blocks in place to help you build and maintain a healthy balanced life style.

Company Wellbeing Programme

Well-being is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy, a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The aim of our programme is to facilitate employees to work towards being healthy in both mind and body.
Our goal is to promote wellbeing in your organisation. We achieve this by offering the employees support with feelings, self-worth and purpose. We provide tools to empower your employees to deal more effectively with everyday stresses.

We have found through experience that every organisation has its own individual wellbeing needs. Within the organisation, every individual has their own needs too. We use our experience to support each individual in a non -judgemental supportive manner.

In order to tailor the programme to the organisations needs, we start by initially meeting the Group Head. This helps in ascertaining what the group hopes to achieve from a wellbeing programme. We can agree clear goals and can the put appropriate steps in place to meet those goals.

Arrangements can then be made to meet with individual staff members as identified by the Group Head on a one to one basis.

Following these one to one meetings, we will then discuss and decide with the organisation the best way to move forward. That might include continued one to one support, group sessions or other options that can be explored.


Our services are provided to couples separating or divorcing; employees with grievances; people engaged in commercial disputes and other matters where the parties are open to resolving the matter in a low-cost and timely manner as opposed to lengthily and costly litigation.

Family Mediation is a service to help couples who have decided to separate or divorce or who have already separated, to negotiate their own terms of agreement. It helps couples reach an agreement that they believe to be fair, equitable and workable. Discussions are confidential.

Family Mediation is a way for spouses who are separating to settle property, support, and parenting of children, without going to court.

Mediation encourages the people to co-operate with each other in working out mutually acceptable arrangements.